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More than a decade, accretion of the team has shaped up in to a training & consulting company with like minded professionals and diverse expertise.

Team KARNA has delivered noteworthy training programmes for over 20 years, broken down as 2,10,000  plus man hours of training delivery through 3000 plus training days, thus achieving far-reaching benefits enjoyed by over 1.25 lakh plus participants across India & abroad.


KARNA’s vision is to deliver Practical - Applicable - Relevant training solutions which enhances the “EFFECTIVENESS & PRODUCTIVITY” of the participants.


KARNA’s Mission is 

  • To deliver the Evolving Training Solutions which will fulfil the need-of-the-hour to the clients and trainees.

  • To deliver a well developed training curriculum with easy to practice methodologies. 

  • To inculcate the tendency of life-long learning & skills enhancement amongst the trainees. 

  • To ensure the ROT & ROI is achieved

  • To enhance the “EFFECTIVENESS & PRODUCTIVITY" of the trainees by making them improvise their BASKET :  Behavioural Improvement - Attitudinal Tuning- Skill Enhancement - Knowledge Improvement - Emotional Intelligence Balancing & Talent Demonstration Opportunities.


KARNA Team always values Practical Solutions - Applicable Solutions - Relevant Solutions - Time Bound Solutions - Need Based Solutions - Exciting Solutions - Realistic Solutions, which makes KARNA Team a perfect PARTNER to the client and to the trainees.


The training modules are Brainchild of KARNA Content development team and they are compiled with “easy to learn” style and structure. The collective experience of KARNA Training Team is Seventy Three Plus Years.

KARNA Facilitators  have “hands-on experience” in the relevant topics and deliver the trainings in “Solution Focused Mode” - with 70 : 20 : 10 ratio weightage to How - Why - What parts of the topic respectively.

KARNA’s Contents are devised based on the latest industrial needs. Formidable Assessment Techniques & Activities Based Learning is KARNA’s forte, which makes it easy for the participants to initiate, Practice and Apply in their career path.

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